Saturday, December 4, 2010

A merged post

One night, in an altered state of needing sleep, I decided to upload lots of pictures for several posts that way I could blog about them later when I was more coherent. I was waiting for Micah to wake up to eat and that seemed easier than going to sleep for a couple of hours only to get woken up. So, uploading it was. When I clicked on this post to add text, I realized I somehow merged pictures from Thanksgiving night with some pictures from Saturday. Granted, these two things have nothing to do with each other, I'm leaving the post as is because I'm too lazy to go back and re upload pictures for a new post. So, here goes...

One of our favorite Christmas Traditions is The Elf on The Shelf. We started this at Jonah's very first Christmas back in 2006. Last year, he understood it but this year he really gets it. It has been so fun to see and experience it with him this year. Although he really enjoys it right now, it did not start that way on Thanksgiving night. Jonah was TERRIFIED of Phibby. I guess we had reiterated so many times that he could not touch Phibby that he related the elf to every other thing he can't touch. (ie. Fire ants, the stove, the griddle, my flat iron, etc.) He spotted the elf and when I told him to stand next to him for a picture, he started screaming "NO NO NO" and had real tears pouring out of his eyes.

I finally convinced him to let Dan hold him for a picture next to Phibby but that was after 30+ minutes of crying and meltdowns over the elf. We didn't want him to be petrified of him so we kept talking to him and finally convinced him to sit with us as a family to read the book about the elf. As you can see, that started the crying again.

He finally settled down enough to enjoy the book and be okay with Phibby. The first thing he does every morning is jump out of bed to find where he is hiding that day. There is no more fear...only great joy. I'm so glad we persevered through that moment rather than just letting him be scared. This is such a fun tradition that we look forward to every year.


Last Saturday, we decided to spend the day at home doing nothing. That was a welcome change for our family. Too bad Jonah doesn't understand that doing nothing means just that. He kept saying "This is such a bored day!" So, we took turns entertaining him individually and also doing things as a family. One of the projects I tackled with him was painting. The kid loves to paint.
He also sat at the table doing Color Wonder projects for a while when I wrote thank you notes. I colored with him for a little bit but he quickly informed me that I made Diego the wrong color and I should just keep writing my "ladders."

I put a picture on Facebook of him painting and our friend Craig left a message asking for a drum. So, the girl who barely passed 8th grade art tried her best to help a 4 year old paint a drum. This is creativity at its worst!!
We also pulled out his canvas and let him paint on it. We keep this canvas in his room and just paint over it each time. That has been a fun little ongoing art project. I figured my little OCD kiddo might freak the first time we painted over what he did last but he seems to love it.

By the way, he said the finished project was "you and daddy getting married and stuff!"

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