Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Friday

I had a Christmas brunch/play date to attend last Friday morning so I did my best to get both boys dressed, fed and out the door without waking their daddy. I could tell he was really tired the night before so I wanted to let him sleep as much as he could since we would be gone all morning. It seems this Christmas season is a sad one for so many Stetson families. Since the week of Thanksgiving, he has done 8 or 9 funerals. He had to meet with a family that day at 1:00 so I knew if I could get them out the door without much hoopla then he could get some good rest. And, it worked! We got where we needed to be ON TIME and DRESSED and he got to sleep. Win-win!

I picked Jonah up from school at 12:30 and we headed home. Dan was gone to meet with the family about the funeral so it was just me and the boys. For the first time since being home from the hospital, the exhaustion hit! I could barely hold my eyes open. I knew Dan wouldn't be home for several hours so I did things to keep me awake. We had a Sunday School party to attend that night for one of the Senior Adult classes and I knew without a nap, I'd be a walking zombie.

Fortunately, I have a cuddly sleeping buddy who didn't mind a tired mommy. And, I also have a 4 year old who uses the camera pretty well!
Dan got home a little later and I took advantage of the opportunity to get a 3 hour nap!! Apparently I WAS tired! He and Jonah played the Star Wars Wii game. He woke me up in just enough to time to get dressed and wait for our baby sitters to arrive so we could head out. Then, when I got home, my little snuggle bunny was wide awake and ready for some play time with mommy!

Dan got Jonah dressed and ready for bed while I took care of the little one. His little face has developed some baby acne. Jonah never had one bump. It is already interesting to see the difference in these two boys.


Barb said...

Jonah is becoming quite accomplished at using the camera - you've trained him well. :)

Aja said...

I was impressed when you showed up on time and looking good- that's a feat I have only managed maybe once. And this should come as no surprise to you, but Miller has that same reindeer sleeper :)


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