Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jonah's favorite gift

As most blog readers know by now, Jonah is somewhat obsessed with ALL things Star Wars. About 80% of his conversation revolves around Star Wars. Most of his imaginative play includes at least one character from Star Wars. He even wakes up telling us about dreams that included Star Wars. Once again...OBSESSED!

I was talking to my friend in Vidalia, Debra Merritt about it when she told me her oldest daughter Katie loved it too. She mentioned that I should check Ebay to see if I can get one of the collectors sets of Star Wars figurines that McDonalds had in Happy Meals a few years back. She did that for Katie. I immediately went to Ebay only to discover those were selling for upwards of $70 for the 18 piece set. Our Christmas budget was VERY low this year since we have had so many medical bills with the birth of Micah and Jonah's ear surgery so that just wasn't something I could feasibly do.

I continued to check back on Ebay and finally caught an auction ending that included all 18 figurines. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it had zero bids and was ending in less than a minute. I placed the minimum bid and won! Including shipping, I paid $18 for all 18 Star Wars figurines. I was elated!!!

Dan came up with the great idea to end the night on Christmas with a little scavenger hunt to find them. On Christmas Eve, he hid Luke Skywalker and note in the tree for Jonah to find the next day. Fortunately, he never noticed it. If he had, we would have just done the scavenger hunt with him right then. But, he didn't so our plan to end the day with it was still in motion.

You will see a video at the end of this post that you MUST watch. You will see the sheer excitement and joy on his (and Dan's) face. You will hear it in his (and Dan's) voice. It really was a perfect end to a wonderful Christmas day. I was using Dan's video camera and my camera at the same time in hopes of getting good video and good pictures. I didn't do either very well but at least I captured the moment.

He LOVES these things. He has played with them for 12+ hours already. Today he asked if he could play Star Wars Wii while watching the Star Wars movie and playing with his Star Wars friends.


Amanda said...

That was ABSOLUTELY the cutest thing ever. I loved his excitement (and Dan's)! What a fun way to end a perfect day!

Penny said...

I agree with Amanda! My mom did something similar with my and my sisters' Easter baskets one year. Only problem was~ her daughters could read and did the hunt before she got up. She walked into the bathroom to find us eating our chocolate bunnies. Oops! ;)

Regina and David said...

loved your video. little boys are the most fun! Bro. Dan is hilarious! Looks like Jonah enjoyed his surprise. Happy New Year to you all.

Cristi said...

That was so neat! What a keepsake to have this video. He will love watching it in the years to come. What a cool idea. Mom and of Year nominee! For sure.

Aunt Debra/Uncle Marty said...

We just had a chance to view this. How special! It was so MUCH FUN to watch Jonah and Dan. I can't wait to show the rest of the family. They will love it too! We know Jonah is still playing with his Star War friends. You guys really know how to make things memorable not only for Jonah but for us too:)!! Love you all!


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