Monday, December 20, 2010

Jaxon's 4th Birthday Party

Saturday afternoon, we all walked next door for Jaxon's 4th birthday party. His mom totally rocked the theme. It was a Polar Express party and every detail was just perfect. They turned their kitchen into The North Pole.

Doesn't Micah look thrilled to be attending his very first birthday party? He was a little crabby that afternoon and ended up leaving the party with Dan about 45 minutes before it was over.

Jaxon's living room was full of some of his favorite toys (and Jonah's favorite toys) so the kids got to play in between all the fun party games and crafts.

Check out this cool angel Jax made at school. I took a picture so I could work on one with Jonah over his Christmas break.
As each kid walked in the door they got their ticket and bell. If you have seen the movie, then you know the significance of those two things.

Jaxon could not keep his fingers out of the icing. Jonah watched him stick them in the icing and then Jaxon's mom told Jonah he could too. He looked at us like "is she for real???" Then, he dug right in. He thinks Jaxon's mom is way cooler than his mom! :-)

The took chairs from the kitchen table and dining room table to make The Polar Express. The kids took turns driving the train and blowing the whistle.
And, in case you missed it in a previous blog post, this cutie patootie decided to finally let me capture a smile on camera during the party. You can't help but smile when you see him smiling so big.

Jonah loved all of Jaxon's presents as much as Jaxon did. He was not the least bit happy when it was time to go home to his boring house. Most kids have anxiety when the arrive at a place. My child has anxiety when he has to leave a place. Poor kid. It is just so much fun other places. (not good for my ego, by the way!)

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Yes, we're moving to Providence, and our address will be in Lake Butler. We're so excited! We'll look forward to serving God together in the Sunshine State!


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