Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A date with my son

The Saturday before Christmas was a busy day around our house. I ended up being pretty occupied with Micah and had not spent much time with Jonah. I was about to cook dinner when Jonah walked into the kitchen and nuzzled up close to me. I put the chicken back in the fridge and got down where I could look him right in the eyes. I said "How would you like to go on a special date with mommy?" His eyes lit up and he smiled so big! He said "That would be great! Where are we going?" I told him he could pick ANYWHERE and just the two of us would go. He grinned and said "SAMS...for pizza!"

So, we loaded up and went to Sams to have pizza. Our entire dinner was $5.48. Yep, I'm a big spender! I was hoping he would choose Olive Garden or Texas Roadhouse but Sams it was. After our pizza dinner, we walked around and checked everything out. Jonah picked a Star Wars Lego book to look at as he sat in the buggy. I thought about buying it for him because he loved it so much but decided not to get it since we were so close to Christmas. Would you believe someone at church gave it to him the very next day. It was as if they knew how much he loved it!

On our way out, he stopped to give "some green paper dollar money" to the Salvation Army bell ringer. She even let him ring her bell since he was so generous! I'm thinking if all bell ringers were this sweet, they would be overflowing with money!!

It was a fun night with my sweet four year old. We laughed and giggled. We raced each other. We told jokes. We held hands. We talked about how much we love his daddy. We took full advantage of just being together. I loved every second!

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Amanda said...

So glad you had some special time together. I know it meant so much to him!


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