Monday, November 29, 2010


Last night was an early night in our house. Jonah was in bed by 7:30. Micah was in bed by 8:00. Dan was in bed by 9:30. I decided to join the boys and head to bed myself around 10. I crawled into the bed and grabbed my phone to double check my schedule for today. When I pulled up the calendar, I noticed the date...November 28. It may seem odd to you that I had not noticed it before 10 p.m. but when you are home all day with a baby, calendars and dates lose significance at times.

When I realized the date, I picked up my phone and sent a text to Belinda and Debra. I said something to the effect of "This time 5 years ago, we were at your house with 9 pregnancy tests!" November 28, 2005 is the day I discovered I was pregnant with Jonah. Neither of us believed the test to be true so we jumped in the car and drove to Kmart to buy every brand of test they had available. We drove back home and I took one of each kind. If the pack had two, I saved it for the next morning. You know, just to be sure! :-)

One by one, those sticks started coming back with two lines and plus signs and the word PREGNANT. We were blown away. Dan immediately said we didn't need to tell anyone. I immediately said "I've gotta tell SOMEONE!!!" So, we chose the closest people in proximity. We knocked on Cliff and Debra's door (she was still Debra then...not Beppa yet!) and told them we had something to show them. All four of us walked into their bathroom and shut the door. I unwrapped the dishtowel the tests were wrapped in and as soon as they saw them, they screamed. Actually, I'm pretty sure Debra cried. I did too! We left their bathroom, said hello to their daughter and calmly walked out as if all four of us had not just emerged from her parent's bathroom. We later found out she guessed exactly what we were there for when she heard the screams.

We then walked next door to Tim and Belinda's house. Tim wasn't home but Belinda was. We told her we needed to talk to her in the back. Both of her kids were there and we didn't want the word out yet so we walked down the hallway to her bedroom. We unrolled the dish towel again and she really screamed!! And, if you know her at all, this won't be a surprise to you but she DID cry. And me, well, I cried again!

I was blown away then and I'm blown away now. I'm so blessed that God chose me to be the mommy to Jonah. I'm so grateful that he came to us at a time when we least expected us. I love that God surprised us then and surprises us still with the sweet boy that he is.

This day seemed even more significant to me now that Micah is here. I hold the tiny baby boy that joined our family just three weeks ago as I look at the big boy who is growing and learning so much. I realize now just how quickly time flies. I know to treasure the moments and enjoy the late night feeds rather than wishing them away. I sit and hold him even though there are so many things to be done. Because, just 5 years ago, I was planning and dreaming about a baby I didn't even know yet. And, somewhere along the way, that baby boy stole my heart. I'm a better person because God let me be his mom. What a wonderful 5 years it has been!

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What a sweet post! :)


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