Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet nights

The other night, I was in Micah's room changing his diaper when I heard Jonah ask if he could kiss Micah one more time. Dan knew that was just a bedtime stall tactic so he told him no. He knew Jonah just wanted to get up one more time and come to the living room. He didn't realize we were right next door so I just walked into Jonah's room with Micah so he could get another kiss. I put him in the bed next to Jonah then asked Dan to go grab my camera. We even coaxed Max into being in one of the pictures.

This was Micah's first night in a gown. We tried gowns with Jonah and hated them. Not to mention Dan had this thing about his son wearing a gown. Since we are avid believers in The Miracle Blanket, we had to find something that didn't require so many snaps. When he gets up for his feed in the middle of the night, we unwrap him, change his diaper, feed him, sometimes change another diaper then swaddle him again. All of those changes are quite frustrating with snaps. So, on Friday, I went in search of gowns for him. This time, Dan didn't object. And, I must admit, being a huge fan of stripes, I fell in love with this little gown. (not to mention the little boy wearing the gown!!!)


Mitch & Brandy Ramos said...

Don't you just love those sweet moments? Mia won't do anything with out "kissing the baby" first. Waking up, nap time, and bed time all involve Bella now. Isn't it nice to know our kids are off to a great start as awesome big brother and sister to our little ones!

Aja said...

That's so funny, Nicki! My mom LOVES gowns, and so she bought a ton when I was pregnant. We tried them and hated them with Holder, but with Miller I like them more. Not to mention that our nighttime routine sounds exactly the same since we are avid swaddlers as well. Unwrap, Dave changes diaper, I feed Miller, Dave burps and reswaddles (I usually go get some water), I feed again if he needs some more, and we go back to sleep!

I don't think Dave minds the nighttime gowns, but he isn't terribly fond of the baptism/dedication gown for the boys. It's made for little boys, so it's a romper with a button-on gown skirt. I love it, and it actually looks much more masculine than the gown Dave was baptized in!

winstead family said...

gowns are by FAR my favorite!!!!! :) so is the miracle blanket thanks to you! :)

Penny said...

I love gowns on infants and it does make diaper changes a lot easier and quicker. :)
Love the sweet pictures of the boys~ I knew Jonah would be crazy about him~ and that it wouldn't be as hard as you thought to love two. You and Dan are the best parents and if pregnancy wasn't so hard on you~ y'all should have a few more. :)

Nina said...

I now have you on my Google Reader, but I have to remember to start checking it a little more often than every other week!!! I can't believe what a prolific blogger you are with 2 kids, one being an infant!!! And the photos are awesome!!!

What a boon to get a fabulous backyard without knowing it was yours! I dream of having a FL home with a pool in a lanai... ahhh.... We were serious about it a few years ago, but, for some reason, Karin thought we were nuts to want to live in FL. Well, let's face it, she wanted us in NC! ha!


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