Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Maternity Shots

So, I woke up this morning and immediately checked the blog of my friend who happens to be an awesome photographer! While I tend to check her blog every day anyway, (stalker, much? Yeah!) I was checking today for a specific reason. I was waiting to see pictures of my sweet family.

We did a mini-session with her to in order to capture a sweet side to this pregnancy. Because I have been so sick and had such a rough time, I wanted to have something to remind me/us of this beautiful gift God has given our family. I wanted to see pictures of Jonah with my belly because he has been so intrigued by the whole process. And, I wanted to capture some of the last days of us as family of 3.

She totally nailed exactly what I was going for. Please, click HERE to see some of the moments she captured so beautifully for us. Once I get the images on disk, I'll post them all here but for now, enjoy her beautiful work and try not to drool over the extreme cuteness of my 4 year old! I can't quit staring at these images of him!!!

AND, PLEASE leave a comment on her blog. We get a free photo if she gets 25 comments on the post of our family. Be sure to tell her what you like about the pictures. It helps her professionally to know what catches the eye of different people.


Barb said...

I commented on the photographer's site, but I wanted you to know - those pics are fabulous!

Baylee's Mommy said...

LOVED the photos! How it is possible to look even more beautiful while pregnant?? SOOO not fair!! I say have another ;)


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