Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Spooktacular!

Last Friday, Dan picked Jonah up from school and headed to Sea World for Halloween Spooktacular. I knew they had the event going on during the month of October but kept avoiding it due to it sounding scary. My friend Melody told me it wasn't scary at all but super fun for little ones like Jonah. I guess the name isn't meant to be descriptive.

They had a great afternoon there and got to do lots of fun stuff. From petting the sting ray to watching the dolphins, it was so fun for Jonah.

When we showed him all the things there were to do that day, he immediately said NO when we mentioned face painting. For some odd reason, he has a complete aversion to having his face painted. Over the past year, that has been available to him several times and he always declines. He was the only kid in his class who didn't do it at the Pumpkin Patch. We try to push him to do things outside his comfort zone sometimes because we don't want him to be so afraid to try new things. We weren't going to make him have his face painted but we kept talking it up to him.

They walked up on the face painting station and he walked right to the board, picked out his choice and climbed in that chair like he never questioned it for a moment????

Not only did he have his face painted, he went ALL out! Dan sent me the picture of the finished product and I was amazed. When he left our house, he was determined that he would not have his face touched with an drop of paint. Not only did he paint it, he had his whole face covered.

I was amazed at how much the paint changed his look and actually made him look like a Tiger. I had a hard time seeing Jonah in that tigers face. I couldn't believe they were doing that nice of a paint job for FREE. I told Dan that by text and he said, "Uh, it wasn't free! It was $15 but after we hyped him up for doing it, I could not say NO!" HA! I could not have either. Oh well! It was $15 well spent because he loved the look of it, felt so proud of himself for doing it and could not wait to show me!

I hate missing moments like this with the boys but know that one on one time with each other was so good for both of them. And, I know that as Micah joins our family, there will be more times of man to man defense with the boys and our responsibilities will be divided. I just hope I can convince Dan to continue to take a camera with him when he is alone with one of them. How else can I over document their lives??? ;-)

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