Sunday, November 14, 2010

A great big brother!

Jonah got home around 5 today after leaving around 8 this morning for church. He spent the afternoon with some friends who totally catered to his every whim. When he walked in the door, he walked straight to Micah. I covered Jonah's bean bag last night with a white crib sheet so I could take a picture for Dan to show at church this morning. After placing Micah in the bean bag, he proceeded to sleep 4+ hours all curled up in that thing. I quickly opted to leave the sheet on the bean bag to use in the future. I placed him in there today with the same result. He loves that little cocoon. I wondered what Jonah would thing of him being in HIS bean bag. As you can see, it didn't seem like a problem.

After his bath and before family devotion time, I asked Jonah if he wanted to help feed Micah. He said no because he wanted to feed him by himself. So, we grabbed the boppy pillow and let him do just that.

I went to pump and left Micah with the boys. I figured he was in his swing but when I walked by Jonah's bedroom, this is what I saw. I quickly grabbed the camera. Typically, Jonah is all snuggled up to his daddy but today, he helped hold the book so that Micah could lay between them. Micah doesn't seem to be too interested in the book but I have a feeling that as time passes, this will become one of the sweetest times of day in our house.

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Barb said...

Those are some of the sweetest photos ever!


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