Monday, November 15, 2010


We were so excited about getting our baby boy home and beginning life as a family of 4. We originally thought we would be home by lunch time but when the pediatricians rounded that morning, they informed us of his need to be on the bilirubin bed and felt like he might not even get to go home at all on Thursday. I was very disappointed because I was ready to be home and ready to be back with Jonah. But, I also knew that we wanted to do what was best for Micah and if that meant staying another night at the hospital, then that is what we would do.

We spent the day just hanging out and waiting for lab results. We finally got the lab results and the okay to go home. We could not get dressed and packed fast enough. The only problem was that the nursing staff didn't have that same desire for speed. They were backed up because of several deliveries happening at the same time so they were overwhelmed with paperwork. It ended up being about 3 hours from the time we got the go ahead until we actually left the hospital. I waited until the very last minute to dress Micah. Dan put his onesie on him the headed down to the car to get the car seat. I used that time to dress Micah in his Feltman Bros. outfit. He looked super cute and reminded me so much of Jonah on the day he came home from the hospital.

Then, we waited some more. Fortunately, Micah was very content and happy to just hang out with us in the only home he had known up until that point.
We stopped to take a picture beside our door sign that Amanda made. It was definitely the talk of the hospital. Apparently, people around here don't do any kind or door wreath or door hanger. And, if they do, they certainly don't have anything like this. We had hundreds (literally!) of comments about the sign. Random hospital staff stopped in to tell us how much they liked it. We constantly heard people standing outside our door talking about it. I'm pretty sure our sign upstaged our baby! :-) Thanks, Amanda! We loved it at the hospital and love it in his room. It is a great match!

Just like his big brother, Micah hated his initial encounter with his car seat. It took us a few minutes to figure out all of the adjustments for him. But, once we got him in and quit adjusting all the straps, he was totally fine with it.

Leaving a hospital at night is way different than leaving during the day. It was very low key and we actually just walked to the car. No wheel chair! That was kind of freeing. Dan carried Micah in his carrier and I walked with them. Even though it was dark outside, it was nice to breath fresh air and feel so good! Since there was no one with us, we couldn't get a picture of us with Micah like we have with Jonah. So, we took turns taking a picture of each other.

We were super happy to pull into our driveway and be home! I was amazed at how good I was still feeling. The past 9 months have been so awful that I keep finding myself smiling at how much better I feel now. Who would have ever thought someone would say they feel as good as I do after delivering a baby?? I walked in the house and immediately started picking up and cleaning.

While we waited for Margie to get here with Jonah, we introduced Micah to his room. I'm pretty sure he was completely unimpressed. I sat down in the rocker with him and then heard a little voice saying "Mommy, where are you?" My heart was so happy to see that little (BIG) 4 year old boy. He walked right in and over to us.

It wasn't long until the big boy headed to bed and the little boy and I moved to our bedroom to start unpacking. Dan did most of the work while I stared at this precious little face. For some reason, I can't help myself!!


Brandy said...

I love the sign by the door. Where I delivered you are not allowed to hang anything outside the room announcing the baby. They say for security reasons but still it kind of ruins the fun in it!

Penny said...

He is precious and I love the previous post~ I knew Jonah would be a loving brother. Hope he feels that way forever. :)
My oldest was just like Jonah when I brought home her sister. She wanted to hold her, feed her, bathe her, etc. A couple of weeks later she asked, "When is she going home?" LOL

Sarah Armstrong said...

I can't believe how much Micah looks like Jonah when he was a newborn. I am so happy for y'all, believe me 4 is way more fun than 3:)


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