Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Fence Move (Mostly for GiGI)

One of the things we liked about our house when we first saw it was the small backyard. Yes, I know, that isn't quite normal. Most people look for houses with big yards but we aren't yard people so we were quite okay with a backyard that was mostly filled up with swimming pool. What we quickly found out was that our property actually extended 20 feet behind that fence.

When this neighborhood was built 7 years ago, the previous owners were one of the first houses to be completed. At that time, the homeowners association had a requirement that each home must have a 20 foot easement for 'green space' behind each house and your fence had to be in front of that space. As time passed, the HOA eased up on that requirement and homeowners no longer excluded that space from their backyards.

Our neighbors on both sides built after the point of that requirement so their yards went back 20 feet further than ours. Our "know how to do everything" neighbor offered to help us move our fence back so our yard could be expanded. The plan was set in motion late last spring then came the HOT summer. We quickly decided to put any outdoor work off until it cooled off some. So, early in October, Dan and Ray spent a couple of days dismantling our back fence and moving it. We took a few before pictures with the fence in it's current location.

Now, you will notice all the space behind those crepe myrtle trees. Our yard had doubled in size and is so open now. Friday afternoon, Dan and Jonah spend a few hours out there digging up old vines and roots. It will take several days of that kind of work to get that area ready but there really isn't a rush. We don't plan to plant anything up there except to move all those crepe myrtle trees to right in front of the back fence. But, that has to wait until spring. Our plan is to leave it very natural up there as far as ground covering. We'd love to build a swing set/fort for the boys. And, just so you know, I think a hammock is a must have!

It looks like Jonah is about to whack Dan over the head with his shovel. He wasn't! I just happened to snap the picture as he lifted his shovel up.
As you can see, we have tons more space but lots of work to do to have it ready for Jonah and his friends to play up there. We would like to take a few of the trees down but the City of DeLand has a rule that any tree over 6 inches in diameter belongs to the city. So, you have to jump through a lot of hoops to make that happen. Personally, I'm a little too tired to jump through any hoops these days so we will leave all trees as is for now!

When I walked outside to talk to the guys about their work, Jonah told me they were busy doing MANLY WORK! I tried to get him to tell me on video but it required a little prompting. Oh well! He's still cute even when prompted!

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