Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bulldog Boys

When I met my sweet husband, I was an avid Ole Miss fan. My family all roots for the Rebels (or Black Bears depending on who you talk to) and so I did too. Even when I met Dan, I stayed loyal to those Rebels. Then, one day I realized that our income stems from Dan's degree at MSU. I realized his loyalty was based on his experiences there. So, why did I constantly root against him. I had always despised State because of our love of Ole Miss. I slowly began to cheer with him for those crazy bulldogs but never against the Rebels. Then, one day out of the complete blue, I bought myself a MSU sweatshirt. I guess the rest is history. I'm an official MSU fan! Eeeks...never thought I'd say that.

Since my allegiance has changed to Maroon & White, I've had no problems buying those colors for my boys. Hey, even my dog has a bulldog jersey!! So, last night, in honor of the big game between Ole Miss and Mississippi State, we all dressed in our Maroon and White and got ready to cheer on those bulldogs. Even though you can't see me, I AM wearing my maroon too! :-)
I'll admit, when it seemed obvious that State would walk away with the victory, I started pulling for Ole Miss to put some points on the scoreboard. I didn't want them to be embarrassed. I was happy to see them score but did get worried when I thought they might come back. But, in the end, our bulldogs got a victory in the Egg Bowl and are anxiously awaiting to hear what bowl they are headed to. Regardless of which bowl, Dan plans to go. What a fun adventure awaits him!

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