Saturday, October 30, 2010

November Babies

Back in March, when we were surprised with the news of a baby, I was quickly surprised to discover about 12 other friends/family members who were also expecting. Once we announced our news, I started getting messages and emails from people who were also pregnant but hadn't shared their news yet. As the weeks passed, the word was out and I was suddenly on this journey to motherhood with lots of people I love and care about.

Then, as time passed, a couple of friends miscarried and one got a terminal diagnosis for her baby girl. My heart ached for them. I still think of them and pray for them as their due dates approach and they watch other babies born around the time they should be delivering their own. I don't understand God's purposes or plans but I do trust His goodness and believe that He DOES work all things together for His good. (Romans 8:28) Even when it doesn't make sense!

The first of the November babies was born Thursday. Yes, I know it is October but Brandy's baby came on October 28 and she is home now adjusting to life as a family of 4. I'm not sure who will be next. I'm hopeful it is me but I don't want to be selfish. Actually, I take that back. I do want to be selfish! HA! I want this baby to get here soon!!! :-)

Things are in place and ready for him. His room is ready. His clothes are washed. Our plans for Jonah and Max are in place. My mom has a plane ticket to visit in early December. Dan's mom has a plane ticket to visit in January. I have a few meals in the freezer. I have a four year old who can hardly wait to meet his brother. The only thing I don't have is a guarantee of when Micah will arrive. And, if you know me well, patience isn't my strong point!

According to my due date, I have two weeks to wait. And, I trust God just enough to know that He will bring Micah to us when Micah is ready. But, just in case He is waiting on me to get things in order, I'm there! I even caught up completely on the blog tonight and set 8 posts to auto-post over the next several days just in case I'm busy. You know, in the hospital and all! :-)


Audra Laney said...

Nicki, I just want to let you and God know that if he had you and I in a tie for who should be next, I wanna hand that baton to you because, unlike you, I'm not prepared yet!!!


Marianne said...

Love Micah's room - the colors are great, I love the red thrown in with the green and brown. Praying that you will soon have a sweet, healthy baby boy!


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