Saturday, October 23, 2010

MS/LA Visit: Headed Home

Now that we have been home from our trip for 3 weeks, I feel it is time to finally finish this series of posts. Whew! That has taken quite a while. But, I didn't want to leave any of the pictures or stories from our visit out. This was such a wonderful time for Jonah and I'm so grateful we decided at the last minute to make it happen. From seeing two grandmothers, one great-grandmother, lots of friends and many special memories, it was medicine for that little boy's soul! He has talked many, many times since we returned about wanting to go back to "Bidalia" or "Mississippi!" He remembers people vividly now that had begun to fade from his mind due to time. He talks about special times with family. He even tells random strangers about the trip. The timing was perfect for him and I loved seeing him love and be loved on by so many people.

Our flight left around lunch time on Friday. I was SO ready to get home to see Dan. And, traveling when that pregnant isn't the best of ideas so I was ready for the rest. But, I was just fine waiting on that flight because it meant a little time with Pops and NeNe at their house that morning and a YUMMY breakfast made by Pops. He is known for his pancakes and Jonah and I were more than happy to partake of them!

On the way out of their driveway, we stopped to take a couple of photos with Bernice the cow! Bernice dresses up for every holiday so she was fully decked out for Halloween. Jonah thought that was the funniest thing ever. He still talks about "that silly ole dressed up cow."

After a couple of stops with NeNe, we made it to the airport in plenty of time to get checked in, get through security and board our plane. I was more than happy to just sit for a little while. Jonah enjoyed playing his Leapster, doing art projects, reading books and talking really loudly on the flight. We made it to Orlando with no problems. I was so happy to finally be close to home.

We made a stop by the Disney store in the airport to do a little shopping with some money NeNe gave Jonah. He looked and looked and couldn't find anything he had to have. Then, he spotted the Sea World store across the way and found plenty to spend that money on. He settled on a pair of "BEEnoculars" or binoculars as other people call them. Those things entertained him the rest of the day while we waited the three+ hours for Dan to fly in.

I've never been so happy to see my sweet husband. His head was still spinning from a week of class at New Orleans Seminary but we were all together again and that is ALL that mattered!

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