Monday, October 4, 2010

MS/LA Visit: Day Two

I planned to let Jonah sleep a little Sunday morning since I knew what the day would hold for him. But, a little after 7 a.m., my mom decided it was time for us to get up. That would normally bother me but I quickly discovered the homemade biscuits, eggs, bacon, sausage and chocolate gravy. So, I got over it! :-) My plan from the beginning was to be on the road by 9 or 9:30 so the timing worked out fine. While I got ready, mom and Granny taught Jonah how to play checkers.

Around 9:30 or so, we loaded up our things and headed towards Vidalia. I hated to spend so little time with mom and Granny but when you have a short trip, everyone gets just a little time. That makes it difficult but a little is better than none at all, I guess?

We got to the Miss-Lou right at lunch time. We met Jimmy at Cathy at LaFiesta in Natchez. I've never been a huge LaFi fan but I have always liked their grilled salmon. It is the most wonderful piece of fish covered in spinach and grilled onions. I have craved it ever since I've been pregnant. So, I knew that was a must-have on this trip.

After we left there, we headed to Jimmy & Cathy's house for a few hours. They made sure to tell me to bring his swimsuit so he could swim with Jimmy. It was a little cool when we got up that morning but it had warmed up enough for them to swim and they loved it. Jimmy had not seen any of Jonah's skills underwater so he was quite impressed.
After some pool time and movie time, we said our goodbyes to Jimmy and Cathy and headed to Sue's house. I could tell Jonah was getting sleepy so I wanted to get him in the car ASAP in hopes of him falling asleep before his big night of reuniting with old friends. It was only minutes until he was OUT! Sue was dying to see him so I felt I better warn her that he was sound asleep in the car seat. She came out to the car and visited with me while he slept. That tired boy slept 45 minutes in the car so I finally decided to just get him out and wake him up. He put his his head on my shoulder and slept in my arms another 30+ minutes. He was tired!

While he was still asleep, Manna and Eli came over then Matthew and Bolton. It was so good to see both of them and visit with our kiddos. Eli was less than a year old when we moved and Bolton was still in Emily's tummy. So, even though we have seen them both in pictures, it was fun actually playing with them and seeing Jonah play with them.

As the night progressed, more friends came over. The Hargon family came next and I was so surprised to see how shy Jonah acted when Marlie came in. He has always adored her but he immediately clammed up when she walked in. At one point, he looked at her and said "Marlie, your shoes are pretty!" It was then that I realized he was crushing on her. And, how awesome that he knows to compliment a girl on her pretty shoes!

After a few CRAZY rounds of Hide and Seek inside Sue's house, we moved outside to let the kids run. 4 kids under 4 and under can be loud inside of a house. We played a few rounds of Red Light Green Light although none of the kids really got the concept. It was fun anyway.

The time finally came to say goodbye to the Hargons and our sweet little ones gave goodbye hugs once again. Poor kids. They don't understand why they keep getting separated. About the time they left, there was a knock on the door and I was so happy to see Michelle and Kristin. They tracked us down at Sue's house and I was so glad. I miss those girls!

Later that night, Uncle Clare and Mammy stopped by but I don't have a picture of that. They are in the pictures of our gathering Monday night, so stay tuned! :-) As you can imagine, this was a full day and my boy slept VERY well!

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