Friday, October 8, 2010

MS/LA Visit: Day Three

Day three of our trip home started a little rocky. I got very sick that morning so we ended up doing nothing in hopes of me recovering quickly. Sue bought Jonah a preschool activity book that he loved so he was happy to sit there and work in his book while I sat very still in hopes of not getting sick again. I finally began to feel better so we quickly got dressed and met Jimmy and Cathy for lunch. After lunch, we made several stops at some of the sweet Senior Adult ladies homes. That wore both of us out. I knew getting in and out of the car so many times would be tough but I wanted to be sure to see them so I promised Jonah we wouldn't stay long at each house. Most of them didn't know we were even in town so it was fun to surprise them.

After we finished our visits, I knew Jonah needed some down time where he could just be a little boy for a while. So, we headed to MeMaw and B's house. Those of you not from Vidalia might think MeMaw is another Senior Adult but you would be wrong. MeMaw is actually a man and my little boy adores him...and his farm. B and MeMaw are the ones who introduced Jonah to the Grinch so as soon as we walked into their house, he said "B, do you wanna watch the Grinch?" Within minutes, the Grinch was playing and all seemed normal in our world. I can't tell you how many times I've sat at their house with my little guy and watched the Grinch.

B asked Jonah if he wanted to go to the farm to surprise MeMaw. He said no at first because he wanted to finish the Grinch but I told him we didn't have time to do both. He decided the farm sounded like a great idea. So, off we went! MeMaw was super excited to see Jonah and Jonah was over the moon to see MeMaw!
I have no idea what he was telling him in this picture but I think it is so sweet. Tim had just finished harvest before we arrived so he was disking fields. That is a perfect job for a 4 year to help with. So, he got to drive the tractor and "help!"

We stopped by one of the trucks to take a few pictures of Jonah. You can look back at this post to see one of the fun days where Jonah visited the farm and had pictures taken by this truck. That day seems like just yesterday so it was fun revisiting some of the same memories.
That night, we headed to Cliff and Beppa's for a yummy lasagna dinner with a few of our FBCV friends. We were very happy to spend this time with Cliff and Beppa before they headed to Houston for Cliff's treatment the next morning. As soon as we realized this trip was a possibility, I called Debra to see if anything would work for us to see them. I knew they had the trip to MD Anderson scheduled and I didn't want to miss Jonah (and me) getting to see them before leaving. Debra was very gracious to have us and several others over on the night before the headed out. Jonah and Eli began the night by running up and down their hallway. Who knew a hallway could bring so much entertainment?
Jonah took my camera and started taking pictures of everyone. I was pretty impressed with a few of the ones he got. Check out this one of Eli!

He took several more that didn't make the blog but this self portrait of he, Manna and B is super cute so I had to include it! :-)

Before the night was over, I tried to get pictures of him with everyone. As I uploaded these today, I got a little tickled thinking about how none of these people even grimaced when I asked them to take pictures with Jonah. They are SO used to me having my camera that they all continued their conversations as they moved into place for the picture. It is just norm to be in pictures with Jonah. (as evidenced by the labels with their names on the right side of my blog! AND, those labels don't include about 22 months of his life before I started attaching labels. I'm slowly going back and doing that but it takes a while!)

After we left Cliff and Beppa's house, I drove down the street and over the levy so I could take a picture of the newly lighted MS/LA bridge. It is so beautiful at night. I drove over this bridge every day on the way to work and to take Jonah to school. I'll never forget the day he said "Mommy, dis da Sippy wiver bwidge!" I made him do it every time we crossed after that. As we crossed it going into Vidalia the first time on this trip, I asked him if he remembered the bridge. He said "Yes, it takes me to the tram to get on the monorail at Disneyworld!" Um, guess he didn't remember it after all! (And, by the way, we cross no bridge getting to Disney??)
We got to Sue's house, put Pajamas on and settled in for night time stories and prayers. Jonah chose Sue over me to read his stories which delighted her. I love for him to choose other people to do bedtime stories with him because it shows how adjusted he is. He loves his mom and dad but also loves so many other people too! I love it!

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