Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MS/LA Visit: Day Five

Wednesday morning, we stopped at the FBCV church office to visit our friends there. Dusty was in the parking lot and Jonah was so happy to see him. He told Dusty we were "here to see where my daddy used to work but not anymore!" It didn't take Dusty long to corrupt him by teaching him how to do "hook 'em horns!"

At some point, Jonah migrated from me into Peggy's office. It wasn't long before she was doing projects with him. He loved it so much that he was quite sad when I told him we HAD to leave! He always tends to find those grandmothers who are willing to do most anything to entertain a kiddo.
And, we couldn't leave without Stephen doing the Gator chomp with him. Living in Florida, Jonah now knows all about the Gator chomp. But, he is quick to tell you that he is for the Bulldogs. :-) (Especially after that win Saturday!) He was able to get one last hug from Mamaw Chandler before we headed to meet the Hibbs' for lunch.

The girls at Nikki's were happy to see Jonah one more time. We used to eat lunch there at least 2-3 times per week because Jimmy insisted on seeing Jonah that many times a week for lunch. So, the waitresses there knew him well and he actually remembered them. As soon as we walked in, he remembered exactly what he used to order there. (One Mickey Mouse pancake, one scrambled egg and one piece of Macon!) So, he ordered it again! :-) And, in usual form, he and Jimmy fought over who was going to get to eat Jonah's bacon. Some things never change!
We made one last stop at my old stomping grounds...Natchez Steam Laundry. Anytime he would visit me at work, I worked upstairs in my office and Jimmy played around in the plant with Jonah. He loves the rotating racks and punching all the buttons.

We went upstairs to my old office and Jonah sat at my old desk like it was his. I had to remind him not to touch anything because it wasn't mine to touch anymore. He got my camera and told me and Jimmy to smile. This is not the most flattering angle to be photographed at! :-)
Jimmy is OVER THE TOP OCD about his desk. Everything has a place and if you move it by a quarter of an inch, he knows. He is quite mean about it sometimes. But, oddly enough, Jonah has always been able to touch and move anything he wanted on that desk. He walked right in and started scattering the papers and giggling. Jimmy's blood pressure didn't even seem to get any higher. Now, if I had touched those papers...

We stopped for two last pictures on downstairs on our way out the door. That job was a great place for me over the 7+ years we lived in Vidalia. I don't miss all the traveling. I don't miss the administration part of my job. I don't miss firing people. I don't miss payroll every Thursday. BUT, I do miss the people I worked with who are now like family. I do miss the feeling of accomplishment I got from what I did. And I REALLY miss the free drycleaning!!! :-)

We got to Jackson on Wednesday night in time to meet Rob and Melanie at Sal and Mookie's for dinner. We got there a few minutes before them and Jonah created a laser out of the Wiki Sticks they gave him. He wanted me to take a picture of his mean face so you could see how scary he is. Scared much? Yeah, I thought so!
He took his Leapster inside and was kind enough to show Rob how to play it. Rob and Melanie are due with their first child the day before us. I can't wait to see them experience parenthood. They were so good with Jonah from the first time they laid eyes on him until now. They are gonna rock the whole mom and dad thing. I just wish we lived close enough to them to see it up close.

Dan and Rob actually spent last Saturday at the MSU game in Gainesville. Rob is a massive state fan who has been to 123 consecutive home & away football games. He hasn't missed a game since 2000! Talk about commitment!! Their baby is due right in the middle of football season so we are all hopeful she makes her debut at a time that will allow him to make a game and not break his record. But, regardless of when she comes and what game he does or doesn't have to miss, he will be a fabulous daddy!

Melanie has been my friend since I was the youth intern at her church during her senior year. Then she came to MC and our friendship really blossomed! (blossomed? That just sounds funny to me! HA!) Anyway, she was in our wedding. Jonah was due on her wedding day so I didn't even get to go. Now, we are pregnant together! It has been fun doing this journey with her. Love her and so glad I got to spend a little time with her.
We ended the night with Jonah getting to talk to his daddy on the phone. As the week progressed, he got more and more anxious to see his daddy. (Me too!) It was so sweet to hear the conversations he had with Dan.

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