Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just another random Monday

***I know you have already seen pictures of him in HIS glasses but I just realized I never posted about this day a few weeks ago. So, thus the back track!***

A few weeks ago, Jonah and I headed to Wal-Mart to check out their selection of frames. We had been somewhat unsuccessful at the other places we looked. I think the time we gave him helped him accept and process the fact that he did have to have the glasses to help him see better. He was more than happy to try on as many as I handed him. There were several we found that day that would have worked for him. He was even a little silly as he tried them on for me. It was SUCH a different attitude than I had experienced in the other tries.

After we settled on the pair we liked and got those ordered, we stopped by the church office to see Dan. He had a funeral that morning and couldn't go with us to pick the frames out. So, I took the camera in to show him what the winning pair looked like. Jonah was much more interested in helping him work than he was talking about the glasses we ordered.

While we were in his office, Jonah spotted some floss and asked Dan to floss his teeth. Then, he instructed me to take his picture. So, fine ya go! A picture of Dan flossing Jonah's teeth while at work! Our lives really are riveting, huh?
When Dan got home from work, I was finishing up dinner so they went outside to ride Jonah's bike. He has recently tried to revert back to only riding his tricycle. We keep trying to convince him that he is a big boy and needs to ride his big boy bike. After many tears, Dan let him ride his tricycle for a little bit but then took his bike to him. Jonah wanted him to ride too. Obviously, those little things hold more weight than they claim to hold.

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Cristi said...

The picture of Dan on the bike behind Jonah on the tricycle = PRICELESS!


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