Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jonah's New Room

For the most part, Jonah's new room is complete! I still need a few more sports frames and accessories for his dresser and I'll continue to frame some of his art work but for now, we are done!

This is the view from the door looking in his room. The custom painting over his bed was done to match his bedding. My BFF from college did it. She is pretty fabulous. All you have to do is send her a picture of your bedding and she can customize any painting to match. If you are interested, you can find her blog HERE or her Facebook page HERE.

The new soccer chair in the corner was gifted to Jonah by his friend Taylor Mraz. She is a soccer start in Clinton, MS and had this chair in her room but was super sweet and shipped it to Jonah for his new room. You'll see a blog post soon about the fun of getting that box in the mail Monday. The picture over his armoire is one of my favorite candid shots EVER of my little guy. The fabulous Melody Dowdy snapped it on the playground one day and I had it made into a canvas print.
The four frames to the right are done with 2 pieces of his artwork and 2 pictures of him with two of his favorite characters, Spiderman and The Grinch. I have more of these frames from IKEA and plan to fill them with more of his artwork and hang them on a different wall. My super sweet decorator friend, Betty Teramo was here when we first started trying to place things and she kept reminding me to lower everything I hang. This is after all, a child's room and things need to be closer to his eye level than mine. Thus the reason these four frames and the bulletin board are hung so low.
I still love the vinyl wall art depicting football, golf, basketball and soccer that I got from The dresser under that needs to have the things there replaced with sports things but I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for yet. If you look to the left of the dresser, you see what we like to call "THE MIRACLE WORKER" around our house. That is a magnetic responsibility chart made by Melissa and Doug. We found ours at OSH KOSH but I linked to one on I kid you not when I tell you that thing does miracles in our house. We chose the bars that most represent what we need Jonah to do at this stage of life and if he does them, at the end of the day, he gets the magnetic smiley face. At the end of the week, if all the spots have smiley faces, he gets a small prize.

Most weeks, he forgets the prize and is completely satisfied with just knowing he got all the spots filled. He gets smiley faces for staying on the green light at school, getting dressed by himself, no whining, saying please and thank you, pick up your toys, brush your teeth, take care of Max. Sometimes I will ask him to do something and he will start to whine then he remembers his chart and his entire demeanor changes. He strives for those smiley faces. We keep saying we don't know how long that motivation will work for him but for now it does, and we are grateful.
His closet is completely organized and he has kept it that way for months. Each of the drawers in the rolling carts are organized by the type of toys they are. (Legos, Dinosaurs, Disney Characters, balls, musical instruments, puzzles, etc.) His games are on the right top of his closet and the red/blue bins on the left are full of art supplies.
When you walk out of his room, you see Micah's room to your left and the hall bathroom to the right. The small door opening you see is the laundry room and the door you can't see, which is to the right is the guest room.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE colorful and fun! What a blessed little boy he is but no more than his parents are blessed by him. He is the sweetest little guy - love him so much! Can't wait to see Micah's room~

Marianne said...

What a cute room! Totally All Boy!


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