Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fire Safety Day

Yesterday was Fire Safety Day at Jonah's preschool. I knew firetrucks and firemen were going to be at his school so I knew I would hear lots of stories about that after we picked him up. Surprisingly, he did not say much about it. We spent the afternoon and evening at Disney and it was never mentioned.

As we were leaving the park with all 74,897 people after the fireworks, he kept talking about something. As you can imagine, neither of us understood what he was saying because we were walking in the midst of huge crowds and pushing him in his stroller. Under normal circumstances it would have been difficult to understand him. Finally, Dan said "Jonah, we can not hear you. You are going to have to wait until we stop to tell us what you have to tell us. We can't stop walking because we will get run over!!!"

Well, all of the sudden, Jonah just started wailing. He was crying HUGE crocodile tears and saying "I need my mommy! I want mommy to hold me. I need my mommy!" Well, obviously at 36 weeks pregnant, I can't pick up my 40 pound baby boy anymore so Dan grabbed him out of the stroller and tried to console him but all he wanted was me. Finally I got right next to him in Dan's arms and wiped those huge tears away and asked what was wrong.

He said "those firemens said if there is ever a fire at our house that I should never go back in to rescue one of my sleepy time friends and that I should just leave it inside. But, if I forget Lammy, I need someone to get him. I don't want Lammy to catch on fire inside. Mommy, please can you help Lammy?"

All of that was through HUGE tears! Can you imagine? His little mind started thinking about that and his heart was broken imagining Lammy being left behind in a fire. He has mentioned it several times today too. He has never been afraid of fire or mentioned it much but they must have really gotten their point across to Jonah. Thanks a lot, Mr. Firemens! ;-)

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destinmimi said...

Bless his sweet little heart! I was afraid something bad had happened to Lammy.. glad that's not the case!!


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