Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A BORING time at the park

A couple of Saturdays ago, Dan went to Gainesville to see his beloved Bulldogs take on the Florida Gators. I knew that Jonah would be a little bored for the afternoon because I was feeling so yucky so he and I headed to the park. We stopped by two local parks but both were filled with teenagers so I didn't think that was the best idea. The only problem was that I had already told him he was going to a playground so I had to figure something out quickly. I decided to go to the church instead and use one of the playgrounds there. I grabbed lunch for him from Wendys and off we went.

We were the only ones there and I was feeling so awful. I basically sat and watched him play. He kept asking me to slide or chase him. I couldn't do either. I only pushed him on the swing for a little bit. After 30 or so minutes, he said "Can we go home? This is the most boringest time I have ever had!"
NICE! Mom of the year here! I keep saying I can't wait for Micah to get here so I can be OVER all of the sickness but I have a feeling, this little smiling 4 year old will be the most excited! He wants his mommy back and trust me...she can't wait to be back!!!!


Cristi said...

I am so sorry you have been so sick with this pregnancy. How much longer do you have? Pretty soon he will have a playmate in the park for those boring days. :)

Aja said...

That posts breaks my heart! I know how difficult it is to not be able to do the things you want to for your child. Good news is it will soon be over and before you know it, Jonah will always have someone to play with!

Brandy said...

I cracked up! I can so see Jonah trying to have a good time and then just giving up and telling you how he really feels. Don't worry you get the awesome mom award for even trying an outing while feeling so yucky. Only a little while longer and Micah will be here and Jonah can have his mommy back.


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