Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SBC showers Micah with love

When we first found out we were expecting Micah, people started approaching me about doing a shower. I never expected to have a shower since Micah is our second child. They quickly reminded me this was the first pregnancy while at Stetson and they would most definitely do a shower. I was so grateful and very humbled at the many offers of people who wanted to express this type of love to our family.

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the shower the Widows ministry of our church gave us and today I want to share with you about the church wide shower we had last Sunday. I knew there were 5 hostesses and I knew the shower was at the church in the Family Life Center but every other detail was kept under wraps. So, you can image my surprise when I walked into our church gym to discover this!

I am not exaggerating when I tell you it took my breath away. It was the most classic, beautiful shower I have ever attended. The fact that it was in honor of my sweet baby boy made it even more special. I had not even opened a gift and my heart was blessed beyond measure.
Three of our staff wives and two other church members who are very special to our family all gave so graciously of themselves to make this day perfect. And, perfect it was!! (L to R, Tracee Gmitro, me, Melody Dowdy, Gina Edwards, Margie Wood & Kim May)
Dan and Jonah spent the afternoon together then arrived at the shower the last 15-20 minutes. Since it was come and go, there weren't tons of people left when they arrived. I loved the come and go idea because it never felt overwhelming. There was always a steady stream of people but never too many to make it feel personal. It really was just perfect. When Dan and Jonah arrived, the spoke to everyone then made their way to the gift table to check out all of Micah's sweet gifts.
I was happy to have a few pictures with my first little boy. I know my heart will explode with love when Micah arrives but for now, I treasure every second with the first blessing God gave me. Jonah is such a sweet, tender hearted, precious little boy who reminds me every day that God has blessed me immensely.
And of course, after 12 years, I'm still over the top in love with this guy. I hear people say how much work marriage is and I just think to myself that I must have gotten lucky because it isn't all that hard for us. He makes it easy. I'm a lucky girl and I know it. He makes choices every day that prove his God is his priority but Jonah and I are right after him. He lives a life of integrity that makes me never question his word. He doesn't react quickly and his calmness settles me. Seriously, I'm the luckiest girl ever and I know it!
Our baby shower at Stetson was one year to the day of Dan's first Sunday at Stetson Baptist Church as pastor. If you would have told me a year ago that if we fast forwarded a year, I would be attending my own baby shower, I would have freaked!! But, God in his providence, ALWAYS knows best. This last year has been an incredible ride for our family and the people at SBC. I'm excited about the future and all God has for us here.


Baylee's Mommy said...

Wow! Look look AWESOME! I know you have been sick for the majority of your pregnancy but it doesn't show. You are just beaming!! What a sweet gesture by your church family. Everything was beautiful!!

Party Of Four said...

What a gorgeous shower!! Absolutely, adore the cake!

Mica said...

just stopping by from Kelly's Korner... what a GORGEOUS shower! i am planning a shower for my sister-in-law's baby boy and may attempt to use some of these beautiful classic decorations. hope your family is doing well these days, i will have to check in! :) thanks for sharing.
{and yes my name is Mica (mee-ka), so i especially loved his name on everything)

Anonymous said...

I'm hopping over from Kelly's Korner....loved the shower. From the cake to the decor, everything was beautiful! I'll have to log these ideas away for future use:)Tonya from

Allyson said...

BEAUTIFUL decorations! And the cake was so precious!


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