Monday, September 27, 2010

Eye Doctor: Round 2

We scheduled the consultation with the 2nd opinion doctor at a time that Dan could be sure to go with us. He has never had an eye exam due to his perfect vision so he was quite intrigued with everything in the office. Jonah was a little annoyed because he wanted to "play" with the cool eye doctor toys.

The assistant and doctor came in to do basically the same tests that were done at the other clinic. This time, there was a problem getting his eyes to dilate so we were there quite a while. Fortunately, daddy was there to tell us stories and entertain us during the hour plus wait. Jonah even got to wear cool 3d glasses and look at pictures with the doctor.
After all the testing was done, we received a MUCH better report. Yes, he still needs glasses but his vision isn't as bad as we first suspected. Rather than putting glasses on in the morning and not taking them off until he was in a dark room, this doctor said he needed to wear them for school, TV time, computer time and when he needed to see things far way. Other than that, we should just let him be a little boy and enjoy life. He said that over time, he may need to wear them more. But, for now, we can limit the time he is in them.

He isn't super concerned about the calcium spots on the back of his eyes and said we would watch that. Overall, he was MUCH more encouraging and everything seemed like much less of an emergency. We actually talked to him about why the other doctor seemed so emergent about everything. He said that many times, docs tend to go to the opposite extreme because many parents are non-compliant. They can't be honest about exactly what needs to be done because those parents would not meet those standards. So, they go overboard with what is needed in order to get the actual amount of usage for the child. He said he felt like we were very hands-on parents who had Jonah's best interest at heart and would follow the instructions he gave.

As we walked out, we stopped to look at some frames and he didn't even cry. He said he didn't want to wear glasses but he put them on and didn't even try to take them off. And that smile? Well, as cheesy as it is, it is real. And, this mommy is so very happy for that!


Penny said...

It pays to get second opinions. When Shelbi was first diagnosed with scoliosis, her doctor wanted her to wear a brace for 23 hours a day. That would mean wearing it to school, church, no softball, or swimming. The second doctor is one of the top scoliosis specialists in the US and he only made her wear the brace 12 hours at night. World of difference for a preteen.
Glad Jonah got a better report. :)

winstead family said...

i was in tears reading eye doctor part 1. i am so happy for your experience after reading about the 2nd opinion. makes me think twice about some things i've been told in the past by doctors. jonah is a cutie pie with glasses. i think he will be setting the trend at school. :)

Barb said...

So so glad to read this report. I know you were relieved, and it appears Jonah was too. Praise the Lord!

Cristi said...

And he looks adorable!


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