Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ear Update

Jonah saw the ENT today for what we knew would end up being another set of tubes. We were quite surprised to discover that he will not be getting another set of tubes. His tubes were placed when he was just 9 months old. They should have been removed when he turned 3. They type of tube he has can cause damage if left in too long. Apparently, that is our problem. The chronic "ear infections" he has had are not due to his actual ear but from his ear rejecting that tube and causing site infection around the placement of the tube.

It should have been caught at his 3 year check up last September right after we moved here but was missed. So, all of the problems he has had have been less about the ear drum and more about the tube that should have been removed. The ENT said you could compare it to a staple that was left in after surgery. The body can only handle that intrusion so long and it begins to fight against it. Unfortunately, we have wasted an entire year, countless office visits, wasted antibiotics and unnecessary drops in his ears for a problem that was very simple.

The current plan is to finish this round of antibiotics in hopes of clearing up the site infection. He also was put back on the drops that Jennifer Russ had him on in Natchez. He will do the drops and oral meds for the next 10 days. We go back to the ENT to have the tube removed from one ear drum and removed from the canal of the other ear.
I let Jonah play games on my phone while I talked to the doctor. When I go to medical visits by myself, it is hard to hear everything the doctor says while entertaining Jonah at the same time. We had so many questions that we needed answers to so I was very grateful to have a distraction for him. He was very involved in his game and was basically unaware of our conversation. At one point, he looked at her and said "excuse me, could you tell my why my ear hurts so bad?" Sweet boy! I sure love him and his yucky ears!


Barb said...

Well I'm glad the solution is a simple one, even though I'm sure it is frustrating to have the problems go on so long. Hopefully Jonah and his ears will be feeling much better really soon.

melody mccain dowdy said...

grrr! dr's!!!! glad you solved the mystery now. so frustrating


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