Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daddy's Trumpet

When Dan got home from home from work today, I asked him if he would go into the attic to get all of Jonah's 0-6 month clothes out so I could begin washing and sorting them. While he was up there, he brought down all of my Fall decor so I could decorate for the season. As I was taking things out of the Rubbermaid container for Fall, I was amazed to realize those are the decorations that will still be up when Micah comes home. We are now in the same season that our new baby will be born. Back in March, when I found out Micah was on the way, November seemed so long away. Now, it seems like I barely have enough time to do the things that need to be done before he arrives.

While he was in the attic, he also came across his trumpet case. If you have been around Jonah much lately, you know he is a little obsessed with all things musical. When the orchestra plays at church, he sits on the edge of the pew. He names the instruments and makes sure we know that "Mister Reggie is the conductor." So, for some time now, Dan has been talking to Jonah about when he used to be in the band and how he played the trumpet. Jonah is super impressed by that so he knew this was a good time to get the trumpet out.

Dan's mom bought him this trumpet in the ninth grade and he played it through high school and in the Famous Maroon Band at Mississippi State University. It was last used for performance during his sophomore year at MSU (1993) and probably taken out of the case the last time when he was on staff at Liberty Baptist Church (1996-98). So, as you can see, this trumpet got lots of use in its busiest days and has basically been ignored for the last 12-15 years.

Dan brought it down from the attic and immediately started playing the Superman theme song. He didn't miss a note. I was quite impressed. But, the little boy who lives with us was AMAZED! Not only could his daddy play the trumpet, he could play his favorite song!!! They sat down on the floor and Jonah immediately spotted his daddy's bag of band medals. He had no idea what they were but he wanted one on his shirt.

Dan showed Jonah how to hold his lips and how to blow into the trumpet before Jonah got his first turn. He thought it was silly to hold his lips like that but did it anyway.

It was fun to see something like this passed from one generation to the next. Who knows if Jonah will ever play an instrument but if he decides he wants to play trumpet, I have a feeling we know where he will find one!

The video below was taken while they were checking out the trumpet. Jonah decided to press some of the valves while Dan played so don't let that hurt your ears!

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rob h said...

Boy's wearing a Batman shirt and his dad's playing the Superman theme. Come next summer, he'll be wanting to sling a Green Lantern ring.

This is a child after my own heart.


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