Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Candy Land

During lunch today, Jonah complained the entire time that his belly was hurting. You could tell he was in pain. He kept saying "oh, it hurts bad!" Dan said "I'm thinking y'all won't be at church tonight." We got home and Jonah just seemed to feel progressively worse. By 4 p.m., I made the decision to keep him home. After feeding him dinner, we sat down on the floor to play Candy Land. We were having a great time when he informed me that "Daddy is the best fun to play games with!" Nice blow to my ego!!

So, as soon as Dan walked in the door, Jonah said "Yay, Daddy! Let's play Candy Land!" They were gracious enough to allow me to play with them. Typically, Jonah would be in bed by this time but I let him stay up about an hour late since he isn't going to school tomorrow. He has an appointment with the ENT then we have a baby shower at noon. I was going to have to get him from school an hour early tomorrow for the shower and the ENT only had morning appointments available for consults so I decided do go ahead and do this appointment on a day he would miss some of class anyway.

Anyway, back to Candy Land...

Dan and I ended up on the same spot several times. We always made our pieces hold hands. Yep, we are geeks!
In case you are wondering who won the game, I'll let the next two pictures speak for themselves! My oh my! And to think, I'm adding another boy into the mix in just 11 weeks! Wowzers!

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Anonymous said...

You go Bro. Dan!!!!!


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