Monday, August 2, 2010

Sniff, sniff

Just on the other side of my closet wall, Jonah is sleeping in his room with his little boy bedding for the very last time. The only thing left in the room is him, curtains, his bed and a beanbag. Early tomorrow morning, the painting begins in his new room and his old room. His old room is going to be Micah's room. His new room will now be decked out in sports bedding that he chose. For one last time, I went in and kissed him while he slept under the the gingham transportation bedding that I have looked at since March of 2006!

I bought the bedding online the day I found out he was a boy. I loved all the gingham and bright colors. When we moved here, we transitioned him to a full size bed out of his toddler bed. I wanted things to seem at close to normal as possible for him so I ordered a full size quilt that matched the baby bedding. Now, all of the baby bedding is sitting in the hallway waiting to be tagged for the consignment sale next week. The quilt, dust ruffle and curtains will come out of that room tomorrow and will be ready for the sale also. Everything is ready...except this mommy!

It seems like overnight he became a little boy. I went from being "Mommy" 100 % of the time to being "MOM" about 80% of the time. There is no evidence of a baby or even toddler boy left in his toys. I spent many hours going thorough every toy he has trying to determine if they were for the consignment sale, Micah, Jonah or trash. His new closet is completely organized with all toys sorted and my heart weeps a little to not see any thing that resembles the past 3.5 years of his life. But, I'm so happy to see him grow up and to see the little boy he is becoming...even if he won't sleep under this colorful gingham anymore!

The rest of his furniture is already in his new room waiting for the paint tomorrow. In case you are wondering, we do not own a pillow company. As I cleaned out closets through the house and sold one room of furniture that had two regular pillows, two shams and two euro pillows on it, I discovered we own many pillows. Anybody need one?


Anonymous said...

"Sniff, sniff" is right... "SNIFF, SNIFF" is more like it! I know this is tough, on him , you and me... He is keeping his blanket, huh? Can't wait to see his new room!

winstead family said...

wow...he IS growing up so fast. i never believed people when they said it goes by fast...but now i do. oh, and i just took cole to the dr. for his 9 year old checkup as well as blaise for his 1 year old checkup. blaise screamed his head off and cole was too big to lay on the bed thing. CRAZY!


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