Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sickness & Heaven

One day last week, Jonah asked me how he could go to heaven one day. So, in very simple terms, I explained to him about the process and let him ask questions. For over two years now, he could tell you that Jesus died on the cross for our sin and that Jesus went from the cross to Heaven. Then he tells you that "Heaven is also Zion" and bursts into "We're Marching to Zion." While he understands a lot, he doesn't have much grasp on what sin is. We keep answering his questions and talk very openly with him about all of it.

He has never really equated Heaven with anything other than God and Jesus living there. Well, this morning, he walked into the living room and said "Mommy, is MiMi still your mommy?" I said "Yes?" He said "Is Gigi still Daddy's mommy?" Once again, I told him yes but he could tell I was wondering why he asked that. He stood there for a few seconds then said "Well, who is your daddy?" I told him that my daddy was very sick and went to Heaven to live with God. His eyes got really big and he said "Your daddy knows God...AND JESUS?" I explained that my daddy was his grandfather and that if he were still alive, Jonah would know him as POP. We talked about how sick he was and that he wasn't getting any better so Jesus took him to Heaven to live there forever.

He continued to ask questions and could not understand why my dad was so sick. He wanted to know if we ever took him to the doctor and why he didn't take his medicine so he would get better. After a good 30 minutes or so, he seemed content with all the answers and moved on to something else.

A couple of hours passed and he came running into the living room and crawled in my lap with HUGE tears in his eyes. I said "What's wrong sweet boy?" He said "Oh Mommy, I just don't want you to die. You've been sick for so long and throw up too much. Don't let Jesus come get you! I want you to live with me and Daddy!"


Brandy said...

While this is a wonderful tear jerking story and I am so sorry Jonah and Mia never got to meet "curl." as the other great grand kids called him. I busted out laughing at the end of this story and laughed for a solid 5 minutes until I could not catch my breath. I'm sorry you have been so sick that it scared Jonah. Assure him from me that I have survived what you are going through and you'll be just fine.

The Glenn Gang said...

Don't worry...I laughed too! Poor guy! This came only an hour after he watched me throw up...AGAIN!

Audra Laney said...

Oh I'm glad to see you thought this was funny because I sure did! Sweet Jonah!

Penny said...

You made me cry this time. My grandparents (all 6) meant so much to me. I had all of them until I was almost 21, so it breaks my heart for kids to not have them. Plus, I am one now.
Poor Jonah, scared because you've been sick. Sad, but so precious.

Amanda said...

Bless his sweet little heart!

Anonymous said...

I do NOT need to read things like this! I want to confort him and I can't. I am not laughing!


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