Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SBC Night at The DeLand Suns Game

A couple of months ago, one of our church members gave Dan this jersey with our new logo on it. It was perfect for a night at the ballpark with our Stetson family. We sponsored a night at the DeLand Suns game last week. It was a great chance to get outside the walls of our building and be with our community and each other.
The game started at 7 but Dan wanted to be at the gate by 6:00 to greet people. Jonah fell asleep in the car so I just stayed there with him. I knew he need a nap because it was going to be a late nap. After 45 minutes, I sent Dan a text to tell him Jonah was still asleep and to be sure to let me know when to wake him because I didn't want to miss him throwing out the first pitch. He responded with "SOON...on the side of the field now waiting to go out!"

I woke Jonah up rather abruptly and tried to coax him to walk since I can't carry him for that distance. I try to pick him up much since he weighs 40 pounds but sometimes I just want to hold him while he still lets me. This was NOT one of those times. I basically dragged his sleepy self all the way to the stadium gate with him crying about being so tired. I felt terrible but I knew I would feel even worse if he missed seeing his daddy "throw that ball!"

We got inside the stadium only to see steps in front of me and 40 pound boy who was ready to collapse and had zero desire to take one more step! Fortunately, Susan Joiner jumped into Super Mommy role and picked him up and carried him to our seats quickly so we could see Dan walking onto the field.

If you looked closely, you saw him walking to the field and walking off the field but no pictures of him actually throwing the ball. Yeah, after all of the rush and hoopla, I totally missed him "throw that ball!" I was fiddling with my camera when I heard people cheering for him and looked up to see him leaving the field. I'm such a geek!

Jonah's mood changed drastically once he saw his daddy. At least I think that was the motivation. It could have been the immediate trip to the concession stand that did it. Either way, I was grateful for the change in disposition. The night actually had potential for fun once he became happier. :-)

One of the highlights for Jonah was running the bases with the kids after one of the innings. He loved it. You can see him in the blue shirt turned around looking for Dan. He thought that was super fun and is still talking about it.

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