Monday, August 30, 2010

Rough Day

I walked into Jonah's room this morning and as soon as the door opened, he said "Mommy, I think I need more drops and cotton in this ear." I found that rather odd because he always begs NOT to have drops. I helped him get dressed and we took the bottle of drops to Dan who quickly realized Jonah's eardrum had ruptured (AGAIN) overnight. Ugh!

Then, later this morning, Dan called to say that I might get a call from Jonah's school because he was having a hard morning. Apparently, his finger got caught in a door jam when another parent went through the door. Dan stayed with him 25-30 minutes just to be sure he was okay. He was super clingy when Dan left but his finger was fine after the ice.

This mommy worried about him all morning but I never got a call. I picked him up at the normal time but on the way to the car, I asked him how his day was. He looked at me with very serious eyes and said "Well, this has not been a good day to be a Jonah!"


Malinda said...

Bless his heart. Do you think a visit from Sara Madalin would help him out at all? I can send her down on the next flight. I could use the rest myself. Ha. Just kidding. Kind of. I hope he feels better soon.

Katie (and Tony) said...

THAT statement is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! pee my pants funny!!


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