Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poor guy!

My sweet boy is having tons of trouble with his ears. We have an appointment with his new pediatrician next Tuesday but I'm afraid we may be making another visit to an emergency clinic before then. He is just struggling so much. Up until a few weeks ago, he never showed any signs of hurting. We just knew there were problems because of fever/drainage etc. Now he cries with his ears and tells us exactly what the problem is.

Just tonight, he went to bed with no complaints of his ear. At 9:45 we heard him crying. I went into his room and through tears, he said "Oh mommy, my ear just hurts so bad!" I called Dan so he could do the drops while I rubbed his back. He screamed as the drops went in and just kept crying. I asked if he wanted to go rock and he quickly said yes. I went into Micah's room to sit in his new chair and Dan picked Jonah up to carry him in there for me. Jonah started crying again and said "I just need my mommy!" Dan assured him he was carrying him to me as he placed him in my arms.

We rocked and rocked and he just cried. I couldn't help but cry with him a little. He finally settled down and I took him back to his bed. He started crying and I just rubbed his back and hair until he went back to sleep. After some time, I got up from his bed and he immediately woke up and said "where are you going, mommy?" I told him I had some things to do and would be back later to check on him. He started crying and in the most pitiful voice ever said "Well, sometimes little boys who don't feel good just want their mommies to lay beside them to help them feel better."

Guess where you will find me tonight?


Audra Laney said...

Oh my goodness! That is just pitiful. :( Poor Jonah. I think you'll be right where you need to be tonight.

melody mccain dowdy said...

sorry jonah-
we hope you feel better soon.

Brandy said...

Poor guy. Tell him we hope he feels better soon. Mia sends him hugs and kisses.

Amanda said...

My little boy didn't feel so good either last night, so his Mommy was next to him, too. Hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

Katie (and Tony) said...

ok, that statement made me cry! How precious is he?!


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