Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paging Dr. Glenn

On July 22, I decided that Jonah should open his final Christmas gift from 2009. After Christmas ended last year, he had three gifts that still remained unopened. On Christmas Day, we opened a gift and then played with it with him until he was bored of it. Therefore, it took several hours just to get through two gifts. So, the day ended with unopened gifts and we started all over again the next morning. By the time we took down decorations, he still had gifts left so I just put them away to open on random days. This was one of those days.
He was super happy to find a doctor coat and doctor kit in that big Santa bag. I kid you not, we spent 3-4 hours playing doctor that afternoon. He did surgeries, checked my teeth, took my temperature, checked my knees, listened to my heart and never rushed off to the next patient. It was the most thorough and least accurate medical exam I've ever had. Poor Max even got poked and prodded.

When my hours long appointment was over, he wrote me a prescription and gave me my bill. It was just 99 cents. I didn't even file it on my insurance. I just paid cash and went on my merry way! ;-)

About the time we were finishing up with our session, I heard Dan's car pull into the driveway. I ran outside and told him to wait there. Jonah got ready for him and ran to meet him at the door. You can see some of his office visit in the video below.


Avery's Mommy said...

That is sooo adorable!

Anonymous said...

This was soooo funny to me! "Hum, just as I thought" - lol.


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