Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Orlando Science Center & Chuck E. Cheese

Now that Independence Day has passed us, I thought that might be a good time to update you on our Memorial Day weekend. Hey, I'm nothing if not prompt! :-) In my defense, these pictures ended up in different folder and I did not realize they had not been blogged. So, without further adieu, Happy Memorial Day!

After church on that Sunday, we headed to Orlando to the Orlando Science Center. We wanted to do something fun with Jonah and decided on that since Dan needed to make a hospital visit over there. We had heard great things about this place and knew Jonah would love it. The very first display we spotted was full of alligators and turtles. He would have been content to hang there all day.

We say everything from snakes to sea shells to fish. Jonah asked if we were at the zoo. We explained to him that the museum has lots of fun things to see and so but you have to keep moving. We ended up in the underground tunnels of a city. Then we moved on the place where he got to create something fun with paint he made.

We touched every part of the museum. He loved it. The great thing about a museum for children is everything is made to be hands on. It allowed him to roam freely while doing age appropriate things. He loved it!

We left there and headed to Chuck E. Cheese. Last year on Jonah's birthday, I took him there and between his birthday tokens and the coupons I had, we ended up with more tokens than we could ever use in a day. We have kept them in my car since then. We have driven past the place several times just to check the parking lot. If it was crowded then we avoided it. We did the same thing that day and the parking lot was almost empty. SUCCESS!

Jonah's new favorite thing to do is make silly faces. Almost every time I take his picture he says, "want me to make a silly face too?" So, we always do!

It was a perfect day with our family. We got to be together and do something fun. This was one of the first few days I had been out of bed so I was especially appreciative of the time with my favorite boys!

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