Saturday, July 17, 2010

A morning of paint

Dan left the house fairly early this morning for the Men's Breakfast at church followed by a funeral at 11:00. Jonah wanted to do something "fun and not boring" so I pulled out his paint and a new canvas I bought him. My sister-in-law has three girls and gave me the idea of buying a canvas for him to paint then just painting over it each time he paints. The good thing is that we can hang it on his wall in between paintings so he can admire his work.

After he painted his canvas for quite a while, I asked him if he wanted to finger paint instead. He was super excited about that. We took a picture of his hands while they were still clean. That caused him to ask me to take a picture of his hands every time they looked different. That is the beauty of a digital camera. I can delete all the excess pictures! :-)

After Jonah successfully got paint all over him and the kitchen, we headed towards his bathroom in hopes of proving the paint really was "washable!" I told him to hold his hands in front of him so he didn't touch anything. Fortunately, he follows instructions very well!

I'm very pleased to report that after a long bath with lots of scrubbing, my little boy is once again only one color. It was a fun morning with lots of mess and an incredibly sweet artist!

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