Thursday, July 29, 2010

He loves us...and our feet!

I love the early stages of dating. You know, the ones where you find out the details of someone's life and they tell you things they love and things they hate. In one of my first conversations with Dan, he exclaimed with disgust that he HATED feet. He went into great detail as to why he hated feed and how grossed out he is by them. Because of that, it was MONTHS before I ever let him see my feet.

We started dating in January so it wasn't hard to hide them. Once flip flop weather came, I finally had to let him see my feet. I was a little nervous but he quickly put me at ease by saying I had "nice feet!' Whew...we didn't have to break up after all! :-)

While most feet still gross him out, he loves mine and Jonah's. He even puts lotion on them anytime I ask and sometimes when I don't. Jonah has picked up on this act of service by my sweet husband and now asks for lotion on his feet too. HE LOVES IT! It is the cutest thing. He sits there saying "that feels good, daddy" or "oooh, I like this!"


Aja said...

How sweet! Dave is funny about feet too; he would rather pay for me to get a pedicure than rub lotion onto my feet. He is funny about lotions too; he complains about being "greasy." But he lotions up Holder most every night when he is home. He's a good daddy. :)

Avery's Mommy said...

#1 that is so sweet and #2 I'm making Charlie read the post and then handing him the lotion! HA

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Kassi R. said...

So sweet (:

Amanda said...



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