Monday, July 26, 2010

Hanging with friends

A couple of weeks ago, we headed out to Frank and Margie's house for a fun night with friends and YUMMY food! Jonah will stay with them when Micah is born so we take him out there every chance we get. It won't be long until he thinks it is HIS house. :-) Kirk Sullivan is our guest Worship Leader for the month while Reggie recovers from knee surgery. If you aren't familiar with the name, you might know him from the group 4-HIM. Dan and I were both HUGE 4-HIM fans through college so it has been a little surreal to have him in our church and hang out with him so much.

Right after we arrived, Frank got called away on an emergency so Dan and Kirk took over the grilling responsibilities. They did a great job because my steak was oh so yummy! Jonah loved his too.
I took a picture of our salad because it is our favorite. Margie always makes it when eat there. It has a special poppy seed dressing that is just over the top.
While the guys were cooking, Jonah took my camera outside to take some pictures. After I made him put mine up, I noticed him taking more pictures. Yep, Margie gave him her camera. She later commented to me what a good job he did taking nature photos. If you scroll down, you will see the ones he took with mine. I really am quite impressed with his ability.

We all sat down for dinner and ended up staying at the table for several hours. We laughed and laughed and laughed some more. Jonah finally got bored of all the adult conversations so he moved to the chair in the living room with Dan's phone. He has a few games on there for him and Jonah loves to play them.
Everyone was so impressed with how content he was that Margie mentioned wanted some games for him on her Ipad. We moved to the bar so I could download some for him from the App store. He walked in and saw what I was doing and said "There is an Ipad!" How on earth did he know that?

I found one game that Jonah and the adults all got into. I looked over at one point and Jonah was playing with one hand and resting his other hand on Kirk's hand. I commented on how sweet that was. Kirk quickly told me it wasn't sweet, that Jonah was only keeping his hands off the Ipad. Too funny!

It was such a fun night with good friends and lots of laughter.

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