Friday, July 9, 2010

Fishing with Papaw

When Greg & Cindy started planning their trip to visit us, we were quickly told, "Greg just wants to play with Jonah and take him fishing!" He wasn't kidding either. From the time he got here, he was in full play mode with Jonah. They had sword fights, water gun wars, chases through the house, rough housing, swims in the pool and lots of little boy fun.

The think Greg looked most forward to was fishing with Jonah. When we lived in Vidalia, he made several trips to the lake with Greg and Cindy. They even gave him a fishing pole for his 3rd birthday. Unfortunately, at that time, they did not know we would be moving soon after Jonah's birthday. So, that super cool Spiderman pole never got used...until they visited!

We headed out to Frank and Margie's house for some time on the lake. It was so hot out there. Let me repeat, SO HOT! Whew! We stayed out for a while then Margie asked if we wanted to come in. Jonah couldn't drop his pole fast enough. He gladly took her up on her offer of a Popsicle then found the toy stash. It was such a fun day with sweet memories of two guys who love each other so much!

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