Friday, July 30, 2010

Busch Gardens

Our family got the opportunity to spend the day with some of the students in the SBC Student Ministry last Tuesday. They had a trip planned to Busch Gardens and needed more chaperones so Dan & I went. My day was basically spent with Jonah minus the opportunity to each lunch and dinner with the students and then hang out with them on occasion during the day. Having a 3 year old with you makes it a little tough to be completely hands on.
My aunt and uncle live just minutes from Busch Gardens and have passes so she came over to see us. Well, actually, she came to see Jonah and I just happened to be there. She brought Mia with her and they got to play together for a little over an hour or so. I handed her a map while Sissy rode a roller coaster with Jonah. She picked that map up and read it just like Jonah does. It was so cute!

After they played together on the splash pad for a while, we headed over to the theater to see the Sesame Street show. Melody, Gentry Rose, Keaton and Emily met us there. The kids were entranced by the show. Jonah is past his Elmo stage but he totally got into the show.

Since I am pregnant, I can't ride any rides. I handed Dan my camera so he could take some pictures of a ride he rode with Jonah and the Dowdy's.

After their ride, I met up with them again. We went to see the gorillas. This one HUGE gorilla was right by the glass. The kids loved him. It was very interesting to be so close to him and see the way he acted.

After dinner, Dan took off with the students and Leassia Turner came with us to the kiddie section. She took one for the team and went up high with Jonah and Gentry Rose. I think they wore her out. But, she was so sweet to play with them and give them some much needed "kid" time.

It was a great day with a small group of our awesome Student Ministry. We are blessed to serve in a church with such strong leadership and such great students!
We got to the bus and changed Jonah into his Incredible Hulk pajamas in the off chance he might fall asleep. Yep, he did!

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melody mccain dowdy said...

it was a fun and HOT day- thanks for going. the students and our kids had a Ball and enjoyed getting to know your family better :)


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