Thursday, July 8, 2010

A bedtime conversation

We read the story of Daniel and the lions den tonight. That opened up tons of questions from Jonah about Daniel and why God chose to shut the mouths of the lions. Talking about Daniel led us to talk about things that make God happy. Here is a small part of that conversation.

Me: What other things make God happy?
J: When we share or when we say yes mam.
Me: Yep, what else?
J: Well, God likes for us to be sweet to our friends and to always say thank you. And, if you push someone down by mistake for you to say you are sorry.
Me: That's right, and...
J: (interrupting me) Mommy, I'm not done. There are lots of other things that God likes and I'm going to tell you more.
Me: Okay, well hurry because it is way past your bedtime and we need to finish so you can go to sleep.
J: Well, God DOESN'T like it when we rush little boys who like to talk about Jesus. (sidenote: Sorry, no guilt here buddy! You need sleep)
Me: Jonah, it is time to go to sleep. Tell me one more think that God likes or doesn't like.
J: He does not like it when you kick a manatee but he does like it if you tell the manatee it was an accident!!

So, there you have it folks! If you ever kick a manatee, tell it you are sorry and God will like that!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow, I don't even know what a manatee is:)?

Baylee's Mommy said...

Laughing SOOOOOOO hard!!!!!!


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