Monday, June 28, 2010

VBS: Day One

In the summer of 1994, I was a summer missionary in Ventura County, California. For ten weeks straight, I did nothing but VBS. We always did a morning VBS but some weeks we did an afternoon VBS or a night VBS too. Throw in a few Backyard Bible Clubs and I probably did 20+ Bible schools over the course of the 10 week period. I think it was one of the first years Lifeway used themes. To this day, I can still quote the scripture and sing the songs from Trail of Treasures. I knew that curriculum like the back of of my hand.

I boarded an airplane in Los Angeles, CA, on August 13, 1994 and vowed (jokingly) to NEVER do VBS again! Little did I know, it would be sixteen years before I would! Each summer after 1994, I had a full-time job and every VBS I could have been involved with happened during work hours. So, I missed out. But, this year was different!

This morning, at 6:50 a.m., my alarm went off and I jumped out of bed ready to start this day. Baby Micah has zapped about 96% of my energy so I was pretty much exhausted by 6:57 a.m. Dan left the house at 7:00 so that left me and Jonah to get ready and head out the door. Jonah had no idea what was in store for him. We walked up to the parking lot and he grabbed my hand just a little big tighter as he noticed the hundreds of people. He spotted his daddy and we ran over for a hug.

I registered Jonah online for VBS so all we had to do was check in and get his name tag. One of the youth were supposed to take him to the sanctuary for the worship rally but he was not letting go of my hand. So, I walked with him and ended up sitting with his class for the entire time. I'm one of the craft rotation workers so I didn't have a specific place I had to be. I didn't think that was the best idea because he was growing more and more attached to me as each second passed. But, there was no escaping his grasp at that moment!
Jonah did not handle his daddy being upfront very well. He could not understand why he had restricted access to him. Then, when Dan took part in a skit that called him to "wrestle Joseph to the ground," Jonah gasped as his dad took Craig Uppercue down! He kept saying "Daddy isn't being nice to Mr. Craig. Daddy isn't being nice!' I convinced him it was a skit and daddy was just acting out what the Bible story said. Then, as he got over that, Dan's face flashed up on the screen with an announcement of him getting a pie in the face if the kids give $1,750 to missions this week. TOTAL MELTDOWN! He did not want anyone to put a pie in his dad's face because "you eat pie, not throw pie!"
As soon as the worship rally ended, I pointed him to his teacher and the tears started. He begged me to come with him but I explained I had a job to do and would see him in a few minutes when he came to my room to do a craft. I saw Dan across the room and gave him the "HELP" look. He came over and walked with Jonah to his class but explained the whole way that he was not staying with him.

Jonah ended up in my craft rotation about an hour after that and was still not his chipper self. He kept telling Moriah that he wanted to go to his house. I spent zero time with him in there as to keep him from getting reattached to me. He colored his picture and did his project with the help of some other people. I waved to him and smiled at him from across the room and he seemed okay.
He came to me for help washing his hands and face and was all smiles again. I gave him a kiss and sent him to the carpet to sit with his class before moving on to the next rotation.

As you can see, he was just thrilled! Ha! Poor guy! This was a day full of highs and lows for him. But, that is part of life and days like this just help him be more well rounded!

Several of the the helpers in my area had little ones in the nursery. I went over to check on them so they could know about their kiddos without their kiddos seeing them. I walked into what I like to call CLUB NURSERY! Man, that was the place to be. Amy started their morning with homemade sweet potato pancakes then moved onto fresh smoothies and then fresh fruit. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't offer massages and facials also! ;-)
Since Joseph is the subject of our week, we made his coat of many colors with tissue paper and coloring sheets today. We drove home Jeremiah 29:11 to all of the kiddos and helped them leave with the thought "God gives us HOPE!" It was a fun morning in 3, 4, 5, & 6 year old craft room.
As we were leaving, we ran into Margie. Jonah took a picture with her in her "bathrobe!" He loves her and I'm pretty sure she loves him. He is staying at their house when Micah is born and she is already planning the menu for him. I'm thinking I might just give birth there!

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