Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spring Sing at ECDC

Thursday, May 27 was the annual Spring Sing at Jonah's preschool. I'm that goober mom that looks forward to every school program. I think that preschool programs at school and church are some of the funniest and sweetest events. They are even sweeter now that my 3 year old is part of them.

Jonah is pretty easy to spot if you find the orange shirt with yellow hat and green sunglasses. He was quite comical to watch. He sang some songs at full throttle and then just casually sang others.
Then, when they started singing "Jesus Loves Me," my child, you know, the preacher's kid, well he pulled his yellow hat down over his face and plugged his ears. FOR. THE. ENTIRE. SONG! All the people around us that knew Dan's occupation thought it was hilarious. We did too! I have no idea what prompted this but I did find it ironic that it was on the first song of any Christian nature. NICE!


Audra Laney said...

Oh! The Jesus Loves Me pic is just too much to handle! I'm rolling! Way to make mom and dad proud, sweetie! LOL

Penny said...

Typical preacher's kid! LOL


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