Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spelling, spelling, spelling

Jonah is very intrigued by spelling these days. He wants to know how everything is spelled and sounds out most every word he hears. Today, we were driving home from church and he said "Mommy, if you spell cat, it is C-A-T but that is just like bat because bat is B-A-T." I told him he was right and made a big deal about him spelling those words. He smiled and nodded then looked at me and said "It is nothing like octopus though because I can't spell that and I'm not even gonna try!"


Penny said...

As a kindergarten teacher, that is GREAT! Good job, Jonah! And I don't blame you for not trying to spell octopus.
Seriously, him "getting" the concept of rhyming words already is phenomenal. The second six weeks, I tested my class and only about half got an "s" on identifying rhyming words, but by the fourth six weeks every one of them had an s. Yay!

Baylee's Mommy said...

Little smarty pants!!!!


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