Friday, June 11, 2010

More about Micah

Our appointment yesterday was with the perinatologist in Winter Park rather than with my normal OB. We arrived to an empty waiting room. I mentioned to how quiet it was in there and the lady asked if I had not heard the news. My doctor is moving to Fresno, CA to start a program there so he is down to his last two weeks here. I was initially bummed because that meant I would have to see another specialist before I could be released to my OB. But, as I found out at the very end of my appointment, he saw no reason I couldn't go back to my doctor and would send specific orders of something he wanted to see checked at 22 weeks by Ultrasound.

The tech took us back to her room and as she got everything ready, we told her we wanted to know what the baby was. We continued to talk and said "We both want a girl but we both think it is a boy." She immediately said "You are both right!" So much for the suspense. Now, just to clarify, in saying we both want a girl, that wasn't an intense desire for either of us. Up until a week ago, I was dead set on having another boy. But, as I started looking at smocked dresses and hair bows, my allegiance to boys began to drift.

The odd thing was that anytime we talked about the baby, we always called it a HIM or a HE. But, once again, I could not come up with a boy name we liked or any boy bedding. Girl names were abundant and designing a girl nursery was flowing. I pretty much knew then that it would definitely be a boy because that is just how I was with Jonah.

When Dan came home for lunch on Wednesday, we finally settled on a name for a boy. We liked Micah from the beginning but wavered on middle names. Since Jonah's first and middle names are Biblical names and Micah's first name was Biblical, we wanted to make his middle name Biblical. The funny thing is the the girl name we chose was not at all a Biblical name. I mentioned Andrew again. We had thrown that around for a couple of months. Both of our brothers, Doug and Scott both have Andrew as a middle name. He loved the idea and so did I. So, there it was...Micah Andrew Glenn.

Since Jonah is at an age where he really does understand a lot of what is going on, we have tried to include him as much as possible in this whole process. Over a month ago, I decided we wanted to let him tell everyone the gender news. Neither of our doctors allow kids under 12 in the Ultrasound rooms so there was no way he could go to my appointment then call grandparents. We decided to video his announcement instead.

The problem was that Grandparents were chomping at the bit to find out the gender and by the time we got home from the visit and made the video with Jonah, we would have known for several hours and their suspense would be killing them. So, we made the videos Wednesday night after church. Notice I said VIDEOS?? Yep, we made two. One announced a girl with her name and one announced a boy with his name. We made sure Jonah understood that we didn't really know for sure and the doctor would tell us the next day. He didn't seem to scarred by our decision. :-)

I came in that night and uploaded both videos and made the blog post about Jonah's announcement. On the way out the door yesterday morning, I grabbed my laptop in hopes of finding a place with Wi-fi so we could get the news out quicker. I was already getting "WHAT IS IT?" texts and knew that would only increase. As soon as the visit was over, we stopped and posted the news. EXCEPT I ACCIDENTALLY POSTED THE GIRL VIDEO! Ooops! Only one person saw it, thankfully! We immediately sent a text to our parents and grandparents telling them in was online. After giving them the head start, we waited a little bit then posted to Facebook and sent a few more texts. It was such a fun way of sharing the news.

We were super excited about getting home to our little guy so he could hear the news. Over the past few weeks, he was excited about having a sister but I knew he would be happy to hear the word brother. WRONGO! He dropped his head and cried. BROKE. MY. HEART! I finally convinced him of all the reasons a brother would be better than a sister and he began to perk up. Poor guy!

On the medical side of things, everything looked good with the baby. His heart rate was good, all organs were in present and in their proper place and his fluid level was perfect. From this point forward, we will see my regular doctor. He will do an additional ultrasound at 22 weeks to check whatever it was that Dr. Fuentes couldn't see yesterday. Then, in about 5 months, little Micah Andrew Glenn should invade our world and we will learn how love multiplies!


destinmimi said...

You won't have to "learn" to love more than one honey.. it will be completely natural!! So excited for all of you! Maybe in a few years God will surprise you again.. with a little girl!!

Cristi said...

I was sitting there thinking what if she accidentally posted the wrong video, and you did! lol When I was pregnant with Josh we took Casey with us to the sonogram when we found out it was a boy. She was so disappointed, just like Jonah she cried. I had to do what you did and perk her up too. Actually what really worked was I explained to her that now Mark would have to share his room and she could have her own room. That seemed to work for her. lol Congrats!


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