Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 1 of summer vacation

I am still a little surprised that I get to stay home with Jonah now. It hasn't seemed real because he has been in school since we moved here. But, starting today, I have ALL summer at home with him and can hardly wait. I have so many fun things planned and lots of activities around the house. The agenda today included making blueberry pancakes, learning to make beds and swimming.

We had dinner with some church members last night and one of them remembered Jonah's love of fresh blueberries from another dinner a few weeks ago. So, when we arrived, she showed him a thing of fresh blueberries she bought just for him. We decided then we would use those to make pancakes this morning. He never forgets a thing so when he woke up, he came straight to me and said "let's make our pancakes now!" So, we did!

I tried to involve him as much as possible. He started by taking all of the stems (or sticks as he called them) off the blueberries. After that, he mixed the pancake batter and then washed the berries. He loved every minute.

After I poured the batter onto the griddle, I let him drop the blueberries on each pancake. I constantly warned him about the hot surface and to stay far from the sausage because it would pop him. As I was taking the pancakes off the griddle, he leaned in to smell the sausage and got popped with the grease. He screamed and screamed and screamed. I grabbed a dishcloth and wet it for him. He just screamed louder. I had to turn the griddle off and just move to the living room with him to get him to calm down. He was so distraught!!

After breakfast, he helped put dishes in the dishwasher and then cleaned the counters. It is definitely one of those things that require much more work on my part to let him help but it is so worth it. I love spending time with him and teaching him new things.

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Baylee's Mommy said...

Poor Jonah! Baylee likes to "help" Mommy as well. Monday she helped me make potatoe salad. And when I say helped she handed be the potatoes from the sack, I peeled them and she washed. She was SO proud of herself. Definately more work for Mommy but oh so worth the joy they get from helping!


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