Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

Jonah still loves soccer. He needs a little motivation each week to run out there to be with all the other kids. Friday afternoon soccer isn't the easiest time for a little guy. He's tired from the week and just wants to hang out with mommy and daddy rather than run and kick a soccer ball. But, once he is out there, he has a great time. His favorite part of soccer is the water break!!

They usually get 3-4 water breaks in each hour long practice. Jonah grins from the time he gets the cue to run back to us for water. You would think he was getting liquid gold or something.

We are so glad Jonah had the opportunity to do soccer this season. It was not about games or winning or losing but about skills. He has learned so much about the basics and foundation of soccer. I think this is a game he will love for many years to come!!

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