Monday, May 31, 2010

Round One of Soccer...DONE!

Well folks, this soccer season is in the books! OVER! And, to be honest...I'm a little bit glad! That isn't because it wasn't fun but more about how sick I've been during this season. I haven't gotten to "love" watching because of the time I missed and then when I was there, I was just not 100%. Jonah really did enjoy it and I believe if you ask him, he will tell you the best part was his blue water thermos. NeNe did a rockin' job when she hooked him up with his soccer gear, especially the thermos.
There is an important aspect that you must understand when looking at the next four pictures. Now, you can look and try to spot Jonah out on the field but you would do best to look to your far left in every picture to see Jonah. You will also catch a glimpse of Jonah's daddy with him. That's what you call TROUBLE! Jonah was standing out there refusing to play or participate so Dan jogged out to have a little chat with him. Unfortunately, the chat took longer than Daddy expected because a certain little boy was DONE with soccer about 45 minutes before the clock said he should have been.

He finally ran back out to join his friends and finish the night. The season ended the same way each night ended. The parents all formed a tunnel for the kiddos to run through.

Dan took a few videos of different drills throughout the night. He happened to catch Jonah "running"' through this particular one. Notice the title of the video once you click on it. We couldn't help but giggle!

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