Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last day of school, Water Day & Birthday Celebration

3K is over. OVER! Do you hear me people??? My baby boy has now completed his third year of preschool and is well on his way to quoting the preamble by heart. Well, not really but we think he is super smart!! Yesterday was his last day of school and to celebrate, they rented several inflatables and had WATER DAY! He was so excited!! They told us to lather them up with sunscreen, dress them in swim clothes and send them for a day of fun in the sun. I took a few pictures of Jonah outside before we left. I told him to raise his hands in the air and say "SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!" But, as you can see, all I got was a pained look, one hand raised and a million questions about why we were going if school is out? He is so stinkin' literal!!
Since several of the kids in his class have summer birthdays, his teachers chose various days in May to celebrate their big day. Jonah is the youngest in his class so his celebration came last. It also happened to be water day. I was initially bummed because I wanted to do the big celebration with balloons and cupcakes for all the kids but quickly realized that wasn't gonna happen on water day. Not only would it be difficult, but what kid wants to come down from a water slide to eat a cupcake?? I decided Popsicles might be a better choice. His teachers loved the idea.

So, after dropping him off at school, we ran to Walmart to buy Popsicles. We got back just as his class was lining up to take their turn on all of the inflatables. Jonah was the line leader since it was his "birthday." He still had his shirt on so I told him take it off and then get back in line. As he walked back to the line, he got teary and said "all the kids are laughing at me because of my naked belly!" We convinced him no one was laughing and that it was okay to have a naked belly. He was all smiles then.

I wondered how he would do with the big inflatable slide with all the other kids around. Sometimes he needs our coaching to do something that we know he will enjoy. Not this time. He ran right over and climbed up those steps like he had done it all his life. I was glad to see him enjoy it since we are having one of these at his birthday party in July.

Mikinzie wasn't too sure about those slides so she just hung out in the pool portion. They tried and tried to convince her to go down but she wanted no part of that. But, she was overly willing to smile for a picture!

Our cute little neighbor Aaron is in one of the other 3K classes. They were all out there together.

When it was time for a break, Ms. Nancy blew her whistle and Jonah's class came running. They all enjoyed a yummy Dora Popsicle. We bought the teachers (and Dan) the Dole Strawberry bars.

It was such a fun day for our little guy. I think he is a bit confused about his birthday now. He had the celebration with his class yesterday and now thinks today should be his pirate party. It might just be a long 2 month wait!!

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