Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Trip to Daytona Lagoon

Back in January, a friend told me about a special Daytona Lagoon was offering for the 2010 season. Their daily admission is $27 and Season Passes are $75. But, for a short time, they offered Season Passes for $20 each. We jumped on that deal!!! We figured even if we hated it and only went once that we were still coming out way ahead.

We headed to Daytona today in hopes of having a great time at Daytona Lagoon. was so fun! It isn't big enough to be overwhelming but it was big enough to keep Jonah entertained for the day. There was a moment in the wave pool that I was a good distance away from he and Dan but still had a great view of them. He never quit smiling! I giggled to myself as I watched him have so much fun.

We were so persistent with the sunscreen that he eventually started putting it on himself. I guess we did okay because once we stripped him down for a shower when we got home, you couldn't even tell he had been in the sun.

It really was such a fun day. Dan and I spent the morning talking about our different memories from water parks when we were growing up. We both love them and love that we will be able to share that with Jonah. He played and swam and jumped and slid and floated and giggled. It was a perfect day.

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