Thursday, May 6, 2010


Now that Easter is over a month in our rear view mirror, I decided to post about our day. I was so sick leading up to the week of Easter that as of Friday, Jonah had almost nothing for his Easter Basket. He did not even have a picture with the Easter Bunny this year. I was really bothered by that until I was in bed so sick one day and had the thought that if I really believed Easter was about Jesus and his sacrifice and that is all Jonah remembers about this Easter then it was a successful holiday. No, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy all the fun parts of Easter too but on a year like this one when I could barely get out of bed, the most important thing is for him to know what Jesus did for him. We have many more years to have pictures with bunny.

I went to Publix for a little while on Saturday and only made it as far as their Easter goodies. I picked up a few Veggie Tales Candies and a chocolate bunny. I had the new Curious George movie already from a few weeks before. Then, later in the day, Tracy and Mikenzie dropped by with a basket for Jonah and she told me to feel free to take some things out of it for his bunny basket. So, I filled in with some of her things. (Thanks, Tracy!) Then, I remembered a Little People set I put up from last year. Denise and Darryl sent it to him but I forgot to give it to him last year on Easter so he got it this year instead. He loved it the most. (Thanks Pops & NeNe!)

I got him dressed for church in enough time to take a few pics outside. I posted a couple of these on Easter but they are all here for this post. I'm so sad that we don't have even one family picture on Easter. I got sick after the first service and had to get Jonah and head home. We were out of church clothes and I was in bed by the time Dan made it home.

When Dan got home, he quickly realized that I was out of the equation for a fun afternoon so he and Jonah went to a movie. Then, when they got home, they cleaned the pool and decided to take the first swim of the year. The temp was just under 80. NO WAY I was getting in there. As you will see, they were freezing!

Jonah was so intrigued by the water that was coming out from under his shorts. He would get in the spa, then get right back out to watch the water rush down his legs. It really is the little things in life...
Dan quickly realized it was too cold for them to be in the water but Jonah did not want to get out. So, they filled up the bath tub with warm water and sat in there instead. Hey, we are creative if nothing else!!!
While this Easter was nothing like the ones in our past and very unlike any holiday I could imagine, I'm so grateful for the sweet sacrifice of our Savior for us. I'm grateful for this little family that I call mine. Most of all, I'm grateful for His resurrection that allows us to celebrate not only on Easter, but every day!

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Barb said...

I'm so sorry you've been so sick with your pregnancy. I hope the next few months are much better. And by the way, that last picture cracks me up!


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